Plywings MR (Is 303)

Plywings promise you 100% Hardwood MR grade moisture resistant ply and offering the best of your interiors which is prescisely what makes this IS:303 certified plywood the perfect fit for your interiors.

Plywings Prime (Is 303)

PLYWINGS PRIME is 100 % hardwood(BWR Grade)
It's a superior quality all-rounder plywood that comes with revolutionary technologies .

Plywings Silver (Is 303)

Mixing of Red & White Veneer
PLYWINGS SILVER (IS 303) is Mixing of Red & white colours of veneer which are usually seasoned hardwood core bonded with PF under computer controlled temperature and pressure. Bonded face to face with the grain running in alternate directions. That is nothing but cross bonding which gives our material its core strength. As more veneers are used, the stronger the plywood becomes.

Plywing Gold (Is 303)

Silver and Eucallyptus Alternate Plywood
Plywings Gold plywood is silver and eucallyptus and MR grade Is 303 bonded with MUF. Each sheet is fully weather proof, and is preservative treated for termite, borer and fungus resistance, The plywood is dimensionally stable, making it ideal for high quality furniture, partitions, paneling, doors and window panels, kitchen partitions overlaid with laminated, shutters.

Plywings Gold Plus (Is 303)

100% Hardwood
Plywings gold plus with silver and eucallyptus ie, (BWR Grade). Manufactured using Ultramodern Technology; 100% Borer & Powder Proof; High Tensile Strength ...

Plywings Platinum (Is 710)

Silver and Eucallyptus(BWP Grade 710)
.premium product from the house of Plywings. The durability & stunning appearance of Gurjan timber makes it an excellent and affordable option for furniture. Plywings Plywood offering embodies these qualities and more. Made solely from imported Gurjan wood, faced with Gurjan veneers, and HI-compression bonded with Concentrated PF resin, PLATINUM Plywood is environment-friendly as well as 100% termite and fungi proof.

Plywings Club (Is 710)

100 % Eucallyptus Wood
PLYWINGS CLUB is 100 % Eucallyptus wood with High Quality.and It's a superior quality all-rounder plywood that comes with revolutionary technologies such as Firewall and ViroKill. .


Gurjan Wood Eucalyptus Wood
BWP grade bonded with PF. Plywings club plus is a structural plywood with more tensile, compressive and panel shear strength. Treated with the best


100% Gurjan Plywood
BWP grade bonded with PF using of 100% Gurjan Venears. Its a marine grade plywood to give extra bonding strength with PF.

Plywings Chequered

Plywings chequered plywood is one of the best transportation purpose plywood. The ply has a chequered pattern on its surface. Because of high pressure, the panel develops high density that can sustain high traffic on flooring in public & industrial use.

Plywings Densified

To meet variegated demands of our patrons, we are betrothed in providing a high-class series of Densified Shuttering Plywood.