About Us

About Plywings

Plywings manufactures offers the high quality industry standard plywoods in Kerala & South India. During our long and glorious history, We have sold very large quantities of plywood in every part of Kerala & South India .. We procure the finest quality raw materials from all across the globe while crafting products with utmost sincerity, and maintaining the best possible safety standards.Our proudest outcomes are indisputably the best in the respective segment What most see at a glance is the result of hard work and sincere efforts over a prolonged period of time. Reaching the top is no easy feat, but we are now recognized as one of the best brands

Our Vision & Mission

Always we strive with an objective of creating interior and architectural solutions of international standards and quality through excellent service and futuristic developmental projects. With our versatile and distinctive product range, we envisage to be the leader among Indian manufacturers engaged in various segments of plywood production.
Spreading our business and name of excellence all over the world is what we aim for, with an obsessive commitment to excellence and a resolve to offer a product range of unequalled quality. We always strive to take customer satisfaction to the next level.